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I want the shirts now, lmao.

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I like it. The art is really good. I don't understand why everyone keeps complaining about it being unrealistic. I don't know WHERE the game claimed it'd be realistic.
It's illogical to expect pornography to be realistic in the slightest. Strangers always fuck each other in pornography, so what makes animated hentai any different?
Not to mention, with the boob sizes, NO ONE claimed it needed to be realistic sizes. Some people, like myself, enjoy really large breasts. Even sizes that aren't normal on real humans.
It's fun and it's not like anyone claims "OMG THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE REALISTIC" because it very clearly is not meant to be realistic..... Obviously. It's fiction fora reason.

On to the review, I didn't like some of the shit he called her, but obviously some people are into being talked down to, so I won't give you points off for that. I will, however, say that I can't help but laugh at the choppy and broken English sometimes, but again, I can only assume it's translation errors.
"Lazy Fat Boobed Cow" is something very harsh to say to a stranger no matter how many "female sexual stimulants" she's hopped up on. If this was a consensual BDSM simulator, it'd make more sense because that kind of thing happens with BDSM all the time, so long as it's in each other's comfort zones.

It was decent. I liked the art. I'm glad this one didn't have any annoying mouse shaking additions. Rating 4 stars for the art, because I really really loved the art style. The comic-book-esque shading it had was really great.

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